How To Use Himalayan Salt Soap

Posted on 24 June 2013

Rich with 84 different minerals and trace elements including iron, potassium, magnesium, copper and calcium, Himalayan Salt Soap bars are beautiful, functional and best of all, they can do amazing things for your health. Himalayan Salt Soap helps to relieve a variety of skin conditions and, when used as part of your daily skin care routine, can reduce fine lines and revitalise your skin.

But How Do You Use Himalayan Salt Soap?

The word "soap” can cause a little confusion, because your Himalayan Salt Soap won’t lather, no matter how much you rub it, but the benefits of the soap will far outweigh the oddities.

While these salt bars are able to be rubbed directly onto your skin, if you have sensitive skin, or are using the soap on your children, it is recommended that you rub the salt onto your hands first before applying it on your body. Alternatively you can place a soft, damp cloth around the Himalayan Salt Soap before rubbing it directly on your skin. ??The perfect choice for people sensitive to the dyes, chemicals and fragrances in regular soap products, the Himalayan Salt Soap will perfectly balance the PH factor of your skin making it suitable for every skin type.

The salt content of the soap kills bacteria instantly, removing odors from your body, while inhibiting the growth of new bacteria making it a great solution for people suffering from athletes foot and other skin infections as well as people looking for an aluminum free body deodorant.

For best results, the salt should be applied to your skin during or after your shower, and not in conjunction with any other soap products. After use, your soap should be kept dry to extend the life of the bar.

Using Himalayan Salt Soap Will Help Relieve the Symptoms of:
Viral, Bacterial or Fungal skin infections
Athlete’s Foot
Strong Body Odour

If you would like to buy your own 100% natural Himalayan Salt Soap click here to see our range, and if you have any questions at all about Himalayan Salt you can email me anytime.

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